Authentic Eats NYC is an unofficial guide to help New Yorkers and visitors alike eat good, authentic, and usually budget-friendly food all around New York City. Although the original intent was to share this information with friends and fellow New Yorkers, this is also a valuable resource for people visiting NYC and don’t have time to do the hours of research necessary to avoid the tourist traps and culinary smoke-and-mirrors. This is not intended to be a full list of all the good restaurants in the city by any means, and not intended to be a review site. We only feature restaurants that we recommend, and they all check a few important boxes:

Quality Food

Most important is the food. This should be obvious, but good marketing, fancy decor, and potentially biased reviews can easily hype up restaurants with lackluster food. There are hundreds of examples of these types of restaurants, so we’re helping you avoid them. We don’t need to critique dishes at each restaurant; we just want to take out some of the guess work and steer you in the right direction.


Whether you’re looking for an authentic ‘New York’ experience, or you’re looking for a restaurant to transport your senses to another part of the world, we’ve got you covered. If you’re visiting NYC or have any appreciation for history and culture, chances are you’d like to experience a slice of the old New York that has become more and more difficult to experience with constant new development and increasing costs of doing business. At the same time, NYC is a melting pot of hundreds of nationalities and foreign cultures which are also represented, but you have to know where to look. Hopefully our guide and 20+ years of NYC dining experience will make your search a bit easier and more enjoyable.


There are plenty of restaurant guides that use $$$$ symbols to indicate the average cost of a restaurant, but cost and value don’t always coincide. We focus on restaurants that represent a good value, or good way to spend your hard earned cash. Most are relatively inexpensive, some are so cheap that you wonder how they can possibly serve such good food, and of course some are a bit pricier , but you’ll never leave one of these restaurants feeling ripped off.