La Esquina consists of 3 separate eateries in one big corner space where Cleveland Place, Kenmare, and Lafayette Streets meet: A taco stand, a small street level ‘cafe’ dining room, and a dark, dungeon of an underground space (complete with a bouncer) where reservations are required to get past the Employees Only sign. We’re focusing on the taco stand, which serves constistently delicious tacos in an enclosed street cart/stand with a few stools inside and a handful of small tables out on the sidewalk, weather permitting.

Even though the underground portion of La Esquina has been considered a ‘hot spot’ since it opened over 10 years ago, the people-watching is probably still better from the sidewalk or window bar stools if you’re into that sort of thing. In any case, everyone is into cheap, authentic tacos being served on a busy street corner. In La Esquina’s case, it also doesn’t hurt that they have some of the most desirable real estate in the city. The ultra casual, unpretentious vibe of the taco stand almost makes you forgive them for the ridiculous velvet-rope policy of the dungeon entrance.

114 Kenmare Street | New York, NY 10012 | (646) 613-7100



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