FONTANA | Bayside

Fontana Famous Pizza & Gyros has been holding down the southeast corner of Northern Blvd and Francis Lewis Blvd serving pizza and some basic Greek fast food for over 30 years. Not much has changed here since then, and that’s not a bad thing. They serve a variety of food, but the most popular items are the obvious ones: their ‘famous’ thick crust pizza and their over-stuffed gyro sandwiches. While they do serve regular New York style pizza, the thick-crust variety is their staple.

The vibe at Fontana is extremely laid back and caters to both take out orders and table service. It’s a family owned establishment, and it feels that way. Even the Hispanic cooks speak Greek better than most Greek Americans. While this might not be the best Greek food or pizza that Queens has to offer, try finding something better to eat in Bayside after 10pm on a weekday (no, White Castle doesn’t count). For Fontana, the formula of good, cheap, and quick food has been working for too long to change anything.

200-02 Northern Blvd | Bayside, NY 11361 | (718) 631-0147


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