It’s no secret that Manhattan is lacking in the Thai restaurant department, but Uncle Boons is good enough to help pick up the slack for the rest of the borough. While Queens still holds the Thai crown for the city, Uncle Boons was the first Thai restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star. The chefs serve up mostly traditional classics that will make you re-think what you thought you learned about Thai food from your local take out joint.

As soon as you walk off Spring Street into the tiny, dimly lit, crowded, aromatic, mostly wooden space, you feel like you hopped on an 18 hour flight and ended up in a back alley eatery in Bangkok. The menu is just long enough to give you plenty of options, but not at all overwhelming. The service is great, and the cost is extremely reasonable for the quality of food. They don’t take reservations, so be prepared to leave your name and grab a drink at a local bar to kill some time. As usual, long waits at restaurants often mean good things.

7 Spring Street | New York, NY 10012 | (646) 370-6650



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