LUCALI | Carroll Gardens

Everyone knows New York City is home to the best pizza anywhere, and Brooklyn happens to be the go-to borough for some of the best pizza in town. Lucali, tucked on a quiet residential street in the old Italian Carroll Gardens neighborhood, is one of those places. Even though it hasn’t been open as long as some of its rivals, it has earned its reputation and crowds for good reason over the past decade despite being unknown to many people outside Brooklyn.

Lucali is basically the perfect version of what a traditional brick oven pizza establishment should be; simple and to the point. No elaborate menu, no over-the-top decor, no delivery, no slices, no reservations, and not even a drink or wine list (it’s BYOB). Lucali gives off the impression that the food comes before everything, as it should. It’s located is in a small space and wait times can be long, but good food is rarely found in an empty dining room. Be patient, don’t show up starving, and once you actually get seated you’ll be treated to some of the best of the best pizza in NYC (and now also the best pizza in Miami at Lucali’s second location). Don’t forget they only accept cash, and open at 6pm every day.

575 Henry Street | Brooklyn , NY 11231 | (718) 858-4086


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