THE HALAL GUYS | Multiple Locations

The Halal Guys at 53rd St and 6th Avenue has been a midtown fixture for almost 30 years, serving up some of the city’s best food cart fare. The first cart was started in 1990 on the southeast corner of the intersection, and the company has more recently expanded to open numerous carts and storefront locations around the country and even a few in Asia and Canada.

The food is simple: Middle Eastern style gyro or chicken and rice platters or pita sandwiches with a couple of their signature sauces. It’s not ground breaking or mind blowing, but it’s good, consistent, quick*, and cheap, which we’ve seen over and over is a recipe for success in this city.

At first the location seems a bit odd, but all the surrounding office buildings and lack of quality food on-the-go in the area have most likely contributed to The Halal Guys’ success despite not exactly being the fastest meal you can get once you factor in the time in line. Several copy cats have popped up in the area, but The Halal Guys are still the undisputed champs, especially if you judge by lines.

As with most of these NYC food landmarks-turned-chains (i.e. Shake Shack), you can save some time by going to one of the other locations, but evidently many people want the original experience and will line up for an hour for some street meat. We can’t say we blame them.

53rd St & 6th Ave (original location) | New York, NY 10019 | (347) 527-1505

Multiple locations throughout NYC area


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