GORDO’S CANTINA | Long Island City

After a few years of popping up as a vendor in flea markets and food festivals around the city, Gordo’s opened its first brick and mortar space last year. Located at the foot of the Queensboro Bridge, Gordo’s is a very welcome addition to the up-and-coming and under-served Queens Plaza area. Mexican food isn’t hard to find in NYC, but Gordo’s takes a less common approach and specializes in Mexican street food. Everything is made to order including the handmade corn tortillas.

Even though Gordo’s Cantina is a new restaurant, it intentionally has the charm and feel of a restaurant that’s been around for decades, which works well with the authentic menu of Mexican ‘fast food.’ There’s a small section of tables in the front, but the long bar table seating overlooking the open kitchen is the place to be close to the action. The menu features some classic tacos and open faced quesadillas (which is actually more like a Mexican pizza) as well as some less common options which may be more familiar to Mexicans than Americans.

Hopefully Gordo’s is one of the first of many dining destinations that will eventually serve the thousands of apartments that are either built or under construction within walking distance of this commuter hub.

Pictured: Pulpo A Las Brasas (Octopus Tacos)

21-11 Bridge Plaza N | Long Island City, NY 11101 | (917) 947-9208


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