WO HOP | Chinatown

Wo Hop is a Chinatown and NYC institution, just be sure to go to the original downstairs location. While the food is more in line with typical American-Chinese food than the food found in China, a late night meal at Wo Hop is one of the most authentic New York City dining experiences you can have. The huge portions and low prices are only part of the appeal. Wo Hop’s clientele is essentially a cross section of New York City from all walks of life, which makes it great for people watching, or making temporary new friends.

While Wo Hop may not exactly be under the radar and you can expect long lines of tourists during early dinner hours, you’ll get the best experience between 10pm and 4am. One thing that stays consistent is you’ll always be in line next to a middle aged New Yorker who’s eager to tell anyone and everyone how long they’ve been eating there. Just be sure to bring cash and a big appetite.

Pictured Dish: Fried Tofu with Garlic Sauce

17 Mott St, Chinatown, NY | (212) 566-3841


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