KATZ’S DELI | Lower East Side

Katz’s needs no introduction, and is far from under the radar, but deserves all the praise and will make you wish there was still a Jewish deli on every corner. Fair warning: this pastrami sandwich will change the way you look at pastrami forever, and will probably ruin most pastrami sandwiches you eat from then on.

The chaotic scene and unusual ‘take your ticket at the door and don’t lose it’ policy is part of the experience (and actually makes sense once you figure out how it works). Although some will say the service is hurried and not the most friendly, try finding another eatery that gives you a small plate of meat while you wait for them to prepare your pastrami on rye. On top of that, the actual sandwich is stacked so high with meat that you can share it with someone and still be full. Sure it’s almost $20, but it’s also twice the size of most sandwiches.

It’s nice to find great restaurants that are more off the beaten path, but sometimes you just have to deal with it and fight the masses because the food is that good.

205 Houston St, New York, NY | (212) 254-2246


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