SHAKE SHACK | Flatiron

Shake Shack is New York’s answer to the west coast’s In-N-Out Burger. We may be biased, but once again New York comes out on top. As far as fast food and value, you can’t do much better when it comes to burgers and fries (and of course shakes). Shake Shack has quickly become a large regional chain and publicly traded company, but New Yorkers know that the original location in Madison Square Park is the go-to for the full experience.

For years, New Yorkers have been braving long lines at this not-so-fast food open air establishment in any weather. It’s a rare case where your burger can compete with ones that cost triple or quadruple the price. Luckily with the expansion it’s becoming easier and easier to get a ‘quick’ Shake Shack burger, but be sure to make the time to enjoy one in the park when you have some time to kill.

Madison Square Park, New York, NY 10010 | (212) 889-6600

(Multiple Locations in NYC)



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