The Bronx may not be the city’s number one dining destination, but there’s no shortage of great food, and it has more of that authentic old New York feel than any other borough. Pugsley’s Pizza is hidden even by Bronx standards. It’s on a small back street you’d never pass unless you live on it, or attend Fordham University.

Pugsley’s is great for a classic NY slice, and we try to avoid pushing specific dishes at a restaurant, but the Philly Cheesesteak can’t be missed either. Technically it’s more of a New York twist of the Philly staple; served as an open face sandwich with mozzarella instead of cheese whiz, grilled peppers, and chunks of slices steak on fresh baked homemade bread. The aged DIY-style decor and friendly service are also part of the draw here. Pugsley’s is worthy of a trip from anywhere in NYC.

590 E. 191st Street, Bronx, NY | (718) 365-0327


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